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Dispatch Anywhere 2.0

Towing and Roadside Management Software

Order by telephone: 1-866-437-6653

What's New in Dispatch Anywhere 2.0?
GPS and Visual Dispatch
View and dispatch all jobs and trucks on a map in real-time. We work with all major GPS systems including: Teletrac, iTrak, VehiclePath, TomTom, StreetEagle, C3 Location Systems, and Contigo; with more being added.

Mobile Data Update
Send information such as ticket and VIN numbers back to Dispatch Anywhere via mobile device (for example, pager or cell phone).

Mileage Calculator
Automatically price jobs based on calculated distances within mapping.

Broadcast Dispatching
Send calls to multiple drivers. The first driver to respond will automatically be assigned to the task.

Why Dispatch Anywhere?
Dispatch Anywhere is software designed by experienced software developers working with seasoned industry professionals from large and small companies worldwide. It’s not software that will cause your company to adapt to it: It's software that will adapt to your company. Four-truck and four-hundred- truck companies alike won't find better software . . . anywhere.

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What Are People Saying About Dispatch Anywhere?

"Dispatch Anywhere allows you to run your operations the way you always have, without adjusting to only what the software can do."

"We have been able to address every price and pay combination we've come across. We can even move employees from one location to another with different pricing and pay systems without any difficulty.

"Payroll and billing are extremely accurate. Technician accountability is better than ever.

Jim Fetherman
President, CEO
CenTex-A-Lock, Inc.

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