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Auto-pricing is a state-of-the-art pricing module that considers the different ways a customer is charged (such as by mileage, hookup, time of day, zone, and customer discount), and then calculates prices automatically, so that dispatchers can quote accurate prices to before the customer is off the phone.
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Driver Commissions
For each service and customer, commissions can be paid by dollar amounts or percentages. They can further be adjusted for time of day and driver shift. Commissions on any service of any call can also be changed on the fly. .
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Send Statements & Invoices
Customers can receive statements and invoices by fax and/or email. Dispatch Anywhere can send these statements automatically every month to help eliminate printing and postage.
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Automated Motor Club Billing
Select which invoices you would like to send to a motor club and Dispatch Anywhere will send them over the internet all at once. This one feature alone can turn what is normally hours of work into minutes.
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Invoice Preview
Invoices can be previewed from anywhere for the customer who would like a quick copy. Preview invoices can also be printed, faxed, or emailed.
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Partial Service Billing
Some customers, such as insurance companies or attorneys, may need to tow cars into storage and hold them for months due to pending lawsuits. This results in drivers being paid before the car is released. Dispatch Anywhere can bill services separately on the same invoice.
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Print Statements & Invoices
Print hard copies of statements & invoices for customers who wish to receive them by mail rather than fax or email.
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Post/Driver Checkout
Every job dispatched to a driver must run through the Post/Checkout screen to account for every ticket and service. Prices, commissions, and text can also be modified at Post/Driver Checkout.
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Enter Payments
When money comes in, the Enter Payment screen matches up checks with invoices and services.
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Credit Memos
A customer might overpay an invoice or deserve a credit for a bill. Credit memos are kept in a master file, are displayed on the payment screen, and can be applied at anytime.
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Payment History
History of all paid invoices, with dates and check numbers displayed, can effortlessly be viewed.
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Easily print deposit slips for bank runs.
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