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Beacon Software has a combination of products developed to assist any size operation. Whether it be the large call center with multiple divisions spread halfway across the country dispatching over 1,000 calls a day with Dispatch Anywhere, or the single truck operator who may need TowMap mapping directions or TowSpec towing instructions for a certain vehicle, Beacon Software is the right choice for you.

Dispatch Anywhere

Beacon's professional-level management software makes running your organization easier and dispatching faster, and gives you the edge to operate more smartly.

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TowMagic is an easy to use application that allows you to receive motor club jobs directly on your computer, smart phone, or other mobile device. Get quick access to mileage calculations, driver maps, towing instructions, credit card processing, and much more!

Learn More | Download retrieves vehicle registration data and automatically sends official lien notices, making the process simple and keeping you legal.

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Online mapping and routing designed for you: the professional tower. Unlike other mapping providers, allows you to specify incident and destination locations and calculate unloaded and loaded charges on the fly.

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Service-request product designed for road clubs with vendor-search capabilities and real-time confirmations.

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An up-to-date resource to find the latest towing instructions for all vehicles on the road today. The site provides tow limits, hook and jack points, and manufacturer warnings.

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